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FeedingChange Chickpea Miso

Chickpeas, not soybeans, star in this fresh, unpasteurized, organic miso. Teeming with immune-boosting active and probiotic bacteria, our chickpea miso is deliciously versatile for dips, spreads, soups and dressings.

Key Features: 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, soy-, gluten-, and grain-free, preservative-, and additive-free

“Just opened a jar of your chickpea miso and it is THE BEST miso I’ve ever tasted
…I can’t stop eating it! Well done!” – Facebook Fan

Chickpea Miso: Artisanal, Delicious and Alive

Chickpeas, not soybeans, star in this yummy, fresh, unpasteurized, organic miso. Chock full of active and probiotic bacteria that boost immunity, our chickpea miso aids in vitamin synthesis and nutrient-absorption—essential for a properly functioning digestive system. This natural health food is incredibly versatile: zip into dips, spread on a sandwich or slide into salad dressings, sauces, stews and soups.

Miso happy there’s no soy!

Using traditional techniques of fermentation and artisanal miso making, FeedingChange uses chickpeas to make sure that not one GMO soybean sneaks into our miso (‘cuz 90% of the world’s production is genetically modified), and we want to take care of the increasing number of people who are allergic or intolerant to soy.


Something magic happens when you make something by hand, a ‘secret’ ingredient that elicits rave reviews from our customers. All the ingredients are organic, of course: chickpeas to make nutrients more bioavailable, handmade rice koji (or Aspergillus oryzae, a naturally occurring fungus used in Japan for hundreds of years in the production of miso and sake), sea salt and pure spring water. Double-fermented, hand-stirred in wooden vats, aged for 60 days, then packaged in glass jars for purity and environmental sustainability, this is living food. Please keep it refrigerated.

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Chickpea Miso Health Benefits and Features

  • 100% certified organic
  • Alive with probiotic bacteria to boost immunity, aid digestion and support vitamin absorption
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Soy-, gluten-, and grain-free
  • Preservative-, and additive-free
  • Aged 60 days for a unique mild and salty-sweet flavor
  • Handmade rice koji carefully crafted in ideal temperature and humidity conditions