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We Source Pure Food

We hand-pick the source of each and every one of our ingredients.

For example, our certified-organic coconut trees couldn’t ask for a better upbringing. Loved and nurtured on small family farms and cooperatives in pristine eco-systems primarily in southern Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan province, the trees push their roots deep into fertile sandy soil, and lift their faces to the hot sun and refreshing tropical rains in an area renowned for growing the most delicious coconuts in Thailand.

Absolutely no agro-chemicals are allowed—just tried-and-true traditional practices like crop-mixing, mulching and composting—and an extended family of crops and wildlife that ensure rich biodiversity. In the groves, the trees snuggle happily with feathery asparagus, sweet pomegranates and exotic jackfruit; and resident komodo dragons strut on the edge of mangrove-wading canals, rich with bird and aquatic life.

We Nurture Relationships from Soil to Soul

Our entire approach and operations are based on cultivating healthy, inspired and just communities. We work respectfully and closely with farmers to encourage biodiversity practices and operate with a ‘shared values’ philosophy to ensure that everyone along our supply chain is treated well and shares in our success.

In fact, we are a Community Contribution Company (one of the first in BC) – one whose very structure mandates that we exist to serve a specific community purpose. And we are now working on the development of further initiatives that will be supported by most of our profits.

Please visit us often for more information as our programs roll out.

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Pure organic whole foods

FeedingChangeTM is a Canadian Community Contribution Company, responsibly producing and supplying the purest, most nutrient-rich, delicious food. Our non-GMO organic, whole food products include organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic coconut water, organic coconut meat, organic chocolate macaroons, and the best chickpea miso ever.


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