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The Challenge

Why We Must Care 

Up to 100 years ago, life on the farm revolved around the seasons and the interconnected lives of humans, wild and domestic plants and animals, and insect life.

Then came dramatic changes to our food and the systems around it. The introduction of agricultural chemicals, additives, cheap mass-production and genetically modified organisms led to a decline in the nutrient quality of our food, of our health, and our ecosystems – locally and around the world.

The ‘Diseases of Affluence’, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, allergies, ADD and ADHD, have increased at an alarming rate, and with it the medical costs to treat them.

In fact, how our food is grown and processed impacts every major social issue we face today. Our quality of life now and in the future depends on making better, more informed choices…

The first step is just, pure, delicious food.

Read what FeedingChange is doing about it…

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Pure organic whole foods

FeedingChangeTM is a Canadian Community Contribution Company, responsibly producing and supplying the purest, most nutrient-rich, delicious food. Our non-GMO organic, whole food products include organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic coconut water, organic coconut meat, organic chocolate macaroons, and the best chickpea miso ever.


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