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Our Vision

We want to change the world with just, pure, delicious food.

It’s a big statement but one that we take seriously. It starts with supplying you with the purest, most nutrient-rich and delicious food possible, sourced from pristine ecosystems.  And it continues with nurturing respectful relationships with everyone we meet in its journey from soil to soul.

It’s about cultivating healthy, inspired and just communities, united by love, compassion and collaboration.

And that’s why we have chosen to stand in a legal commitment as a Canadian Community Contribution Company…to serve the community as a social venture, and to contribute a minimum of 60% of our net profits to community initiatives.

We Believe

  • It’s time to make a paradigm shift about how we think about food.
  • It’s time to get educated about where our food is grown, how it’s processed, shipped and packaged.
  • It’s time to understand how our food choices impact others on the planet.
  • It’s time to make a better world simply by making informed choices guided by love, compassion, integrity, justice and honesty.
  • It’s time to show our children a better way.

We Promise

  • To continuously source the best.
  • To keep our operations and standards smart, lean and focused.
  • To communicate with respect, truth and kindness.
  • To love what we do.

Our Core Values

Loving and Compassionate – We serve all life with a warm and open heart
Truthful – We are open and sincere in our actions and interactions. We believe in doing the right thing.
Pure – We are steadfast in the quality of ingredients, products and services.
Just – We are the change needed in the world. We serve with respect, generosity and dignity.
Radiant – We are healthy and energetic in mind, body and spirit. We support others in their journey.
Grateful – We appreciate that life and systems are interconnected, and value all relationships.



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Pure organic whole foods

FeedingChangeTM is a Canadian Community Contribution Company, responsibly producing and supplying the purest, most nutrient-rich, delicious food. Our non-GMO organic, whole food products include organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic coconut water, organic coconut meat, organic chocolate macaroons, and the best chickpea miso ever.


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